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Vancouver Workshops - Intricate Flow Trix June 1st 5pm

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June 1st 5pm Pole flow with a little challenge if you like... ;). Bring Knee Pads

The flow is a “tad” faster and there are a “few” tricks but nothing I can’t help you with or substitute for something else! 💪🏾 This routine is one of my favourites! It’s to that rock music that I love and the choreo to musicality on this routine is *chef kiss*. I going to enjoy watching it come to life again! So what are you waiting for? Come get gritty with me and sign up for Intricate Flow Trix! June 1st 5pm

Location: unit 14, 306 abbott st, vancouver bc

before your visit, please complete this activity waiver. guests who do not complete the activity waiver will not be allowed to enter the studio.

to ensure your visit goes as smooth as possible, here are the guidelines for gooey studios:

upon arrival, simply use the intercom to gain access. 

use entry code 324. please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early as the intercom may not buzz you in.

make your way up to the 3rd floor, and proceed to unit 14, and wait to be granted access inside the studio. note that there is no elevator access.

please do not wear your outside shoes in the studio, leave them on the shoe rack outside.

You will get a JPG (55KB) file