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Vikki Lenola

Vikki Lenola is a highly sought-after model and go go dancer. She comes with over 500K social media followers to help create buzz about your brand. 

Vikki has years of experience go go dancing and hosting at Canada’s biggest nightclubs. From working on high rooftopswith blasting fire, all sorts of cages and stages, pole work, uvbody painting, and looks from elegance to fetish, she knows how to create an exciting ambiance for guests. Ms Lenola has also modelled for sporting events, including numerous appearances for NASCAR, as a ring girl for televised international boxing matches, and more.

As a brand ambassador, Vikki has represented over 100 brands at various tradeshows and other events, including for some of the world’s most recognized brands. At 5’10”, she has walked the runway for dozens of fashion events. Her runway experience includes a wide variety such as bridal, multicultural, lingerie and swimwear, avantgarde, winter wear, complicated choreography, and even walking celebrity dogs down the catwalk and more! 

Vikki Lenola has been featured countless times in media internationally. She first gained traction from multiple international Playboy features, including a cover in Croatia. She is now a contributor for some of these as well as for other magazines. Vikki is now garnering more attention for her ongoing work as an animal rights activist over the years. Her eye-catching public demonstrations are often picked up by the news. Her non-profit Vegan Fashion Canada promotes fashion that’s kind to both animals and the planet while donating all proceeds to help animals. Vikki Lenola is a go-to model for vegan brands. With an environmental degree and business diploma, she’s also available as an ambassador or speaker for sustainable brands or causes.

Matt The Human (Cyr Wheel)

(BIO coming soon)

Samantha Halas

Samantha Halas is a contortion artist and antipodist hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She began practicing contortion at age 21, much later than many believe feasible to start this intense physical training.

Samantha attended circus schools in China, Mongolia, San Francisco, as well as working with other international coaches to develop and fine tune her work.

She performed with Vancouver’s Underground Circus, Red Sky Performance’s production of Backbone touring Europe and Canada, Luna Caballera, a Quebec based equestrian Circus with which she toured Quebec with Kaleidescope , a featured performer with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Contortion Convention in Las Vegas, Haute Vol based out of Montreal and Toronto and many more. She wrote and produced 3 years of Cabarets as Frostbite Circus with casts of 18 artists and over. Each show was a sell-out success. This year she performed with Street Circus in their original creation of Throwback: A retro Circus Experience at Winnipeg Fringe Festival, which received rave reviews including Five Stars from the Winnipeg Free Press.

Fire and Motion

(BIO coming soon)

Suzy Giannakopoulos

Suzy has been pole dancing for 8 years and inherited the nickname Erotic Pole Ninja in her early years. She is a multi award winning professional pole dancer from London, Ontario, Canada. Over the years Suzy found her style which is a combination of power pole and a classic raw exotic. She lives to be on stage feeling the energy of the crowd. Suzy’s main apparatus is pole but she also performs on other apparatus like flying pole, Lyra and Lollipop. 

Suzy's honours include: 

 - 2nd at the 2016 CPFA Semi Pro Qualifiers  - 1st at the 2016 CPFA Toronto Pro Super Show Semi Pro Division  - 1st at the 2016 Vertical Love Razzle Dazzle (Sexy Chair Division)  - 2nd at the 2016 Vertical Love Pro Division  - 3rd at the 2017 Women's Open at the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio  - 2nd at 2017 CPFA Toronto Pro SuperShow Pro Division  - 1st at The 2017 North American Pole Championships Erotic Elite division  - 2nd at the 2017 Vertical Love Erotic Division  - 2nd in Razzle Dazzle Vertical Love 2017 - 1st at the 2017 Exotic World Championships in Jamaica  - 1st in the PSO NE Championship lvl 4 Senior 2017  - 1st in the PSO NE Floorwork and Lowflow 2017 - 2nd in the PSO NE Exotic lvl4 Senior 2017 - Columbus Ohio PCS Xpole pole combat Battle Winner 2018  - 1st at the 2018 CPFA Toronto Pro SuperShow Pro Division - 1st at the 2018 CPFA Toronto Pro SuperShow Exotic 2 Division  - Silver Distinguished Performer Award at the 2018 North American Pole Championships International Elite division- 1st at the 2018 Exotic World Championships in Jamaica- 1st at the 2018 PSO Canada East Floorwork & Lowflow Level 4/5- 2nd at the 2018 PSO Canada East Doubles - 3rd at the 2018 PSO Canada East Championship Level 5 - Columbus Ohio PCS Xpole pole combat Battle Winner 2019- 2nd place at the 2019 PCS Pole Championships Pro Final- 1st place at the 2019 CPFA Central Regional Qualifiers Doubles - 2nd at the 2019 CPFA Nationals Doubles - 3rd at the 2019 CPFA Nationals Pro- 1st at the 2019 CPFA Nationals Exotic 2 - 3rd at the 2019 PSO NE Floorwork and Lowflow Lvl 4/5- 1st at the 2019 PSO NE Freedance - 1st at the 2019 PSO NE Championship Lvl 5


Saskia is a Montreal based Exotic Pole Dancer/Competitor and Instructor. In 2019 she was crowned Erotic Star and performed on stage with Snoop Dogg during his "25 Years if Doggy style" tour. This year Saskia is touring Canada to teach her exotic, low flow, freestyle and tricks workshops.

Beau Creep

(BIO coming soon)


Eman is an award winning performer and full time aerial hoop and pole sport instructor. She is the co-founder at CirQular Motion, a rehab and conditioning space based in Toronto dedicated to professional circus performers and dancers. She is also a resident performer for Ink Entertainment, Lavelle and Le Brunch, and offers circus aerial and acrobatic pole performances, specializing in aerial hoop, lollipop Lyra, pole, flying pole and straps. She regularly performs concerts, club venues, festivals, weddings, corporate, pre wedding events, and much more. Most recently performing for brands such as LG, Samsung, and can be spotted performing pole on the Netflix series Jupiter's Legacy. 


Austin is a massage, rehab, and conditioning coach for performing artists. He is a master at pretty much everything; hand balancing, fire acts, and aerial skills. Located in Toronto Ontario, you can book him for your next spectacular event. 

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Iconyx Elite Entertainment will connect you with some of the best talent in the entertainment industry!

Sachi has worked with a diverse group of talented individuals throughout the years. Whether it be Contortionist Roamers pouring champagne for your wedding guests, Samba dancers to liven up the crowd, or one of our professional aerialists to star drop from the sky. Iconyx has it all!

Create your own custom theme and decide in the creativity of the costumes for the artists. Need something unique and original? Let Us Know! We love to take on creative challenges and bringing our clients vision to life! Most importantly; an experience for your guests and memories to last a lifetime.

Contact us and learn how you can get involved with our agency today!


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